My current practice combines painting and philosophical inquiry in the areas of psychoanalysis, memory, anthropology, and narratives of the body. In the past year I've worked primarily through composing "visual poems" through the layering of found images, drawn/painted elements, and text. Often these small studies become the formative basis for a larger work. I've returned to textiles and painting as two foundational expressions of human creativity, one binding and wrapping the body, the other enveloping sight. Painting not only refers to painted images, but also to the orientation of a painter as a receiver and interpreter of experience. 

I orient toward the act of making in terms of excavation, using experience as the tether between knowing and unknowing. In the space of their relation, a third way of knowing emerges. One initiated by the aesthetic. My work is between and within the splits of embodied experience: in/out, subject/object, blindness/insight, sacred/profane. 

Beyond painting, I am interested in the theory and the ground of images, particularly how we as subjects are implicated by them. In the tradition of Lacanian psychoanalysis, I am interested in how the accidental and arbitrary present themselves in consciousness and the public formation of history and identity. My current research reads inter-generational trauma through a lens of radioactivity.  Radioactivity, in an expanded context, refers to the unseen but keenly felt presence of traumatic events in everyday life. The act of bearing witness is the substructure for my practice, encountering buried histories which open the possibility for the cry of testimony.

Contact: katherynbrock@gmail.com